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Puppy Classes

Barker Behaviour and Training offers levels of puppy classes to ensure your puppy gets the best start in life. Each class builds on the puppies skills and are designed to be age appropriate. Don't worry if you think your puppy hasn't mastered some of the basics, as behaviours are re visited at each level.

To allow for plenty of individual attention, classes have a maximum 5 to 6 puppies in each class.

Puppy Pre School $120 - 4 weeks x 1 hr x 6 puppies and is designed for puppies aged 8 - 14 weeks. To start Puppy Preschool puppies only need to have had their first Vaccination which is usually given at 6 – 7 weeks of age. This class covers what you need to know about the health, nutrition and care of your puppy, socialisation, basic training skills and how to create a great learning environment at home for your pup and family to grow together. New Classes starting every week.

Classes are run in conjunction with Mount Barker Vet Clinic and include a visit and tour of the Vet Clinic, so your puppies build a positive association with the Vet Clinic. 

Puppy Primary $260 - 8 weeks x 45 min x 5 puppies and is designed for puppies aged 4 - 12 months and their pet parent to build on the basics learnt in Puppy Pre School or if you were not able to attend Puppy Pre School. Its an opportunity to work on real life skills and includes all the basics such as sit, drop, stay, settle on a mat or bed, recall, leave it, wait to be fed, handling, polite greetings and loose leash walking. New Classes starting every month.

Please see Junior Dog Classes for pups that have completed basic training and need to consolidate their life skills or those who want to take their skills further.

If your puppy or young dog reacts negatively to people or other puppies/dogs please contact us before booking to see if these classes are suitable for your puppy or young dog or whether private lessons would be more suitable.

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