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Private Lessons

Barker Behaviour and Training offers one to one assessments and training and will refer the owner and pet  to Dr Digby Ambrose for a full medical and behavioural consultation if needed.

Assessments are 45 min in length at a cost of $120 and held at our Barker Behaviour and Training Centre.

Assessments are often undertaken where a client is concerned their puppy or dog may not be suitable for group classes, for example your dog may be reactive or very nervous with people or other dogs.

Another reason for an assessment is that your puppy or dog is exhibiting behaviour that you have concerns about and are needing help or advice on, or wonder if intensive one to one training might be of benefit to you and your dog.    Referral to Dr Digby Ambrose - consultant Vet with a special interest in Behaviour, may be made depending on the findings in the assessment before training commences.

Please note: We do not work with dogs that have problems with aggression to people or a known history of biting people*, as we feel the risk to our staff is too high. *we are not talking about puppy nipping which is normal and which we are happy to help you with.

One to one training is available depending on the issue and is preceded by an assessment. This may be of benefit to you and your dog when the behavioural issues pertain to struggles not normally dealt with during normal dog training classes or you might just prefer intensive one to one training or your dog is not suitable for classes. Issues such as

  • anxiety

  • Fear/lack of confidence

  • Hyperactivity

  • reactivity to dogs

  • Management and training for bad habits and problem behaviour

Training sessions are 45 min in length at a cost of $120 and can be undertaken at Barker Behaviour and Training centre or in home depending on the issues. Travel costs at 75 cents a KM from base is applicable.

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