Adult Dog Classes

Barker Behaviour and Training currently offers 2 levels of adult dog training for dogs aged over 12 months. These classes teach real life skills in a fun and positive manner, increasing both you and your dog's confidence and bond together, while supporting the pet parent to help their dog to be the best it can be and a great family dog. These courses are particularly good for families that have recently adopted an adult dog and need to build that trust relationship. Also great for adult dogs that may not have continued with their training after puppyhood and now need to achieve basic training or do a refresher on their dogs manners. All dogs can learn, even older dogs, it just takes consistency and clear communication.


The 2 classes being offered are:

Bronze Basics - covering skills including:

  • sit, drop

  • recall

  • handling or stand for exam good for vet trips and grooming

  • go to bed/mat and settle

  • polite greetings

  • give/take/exchange

  • loose leash walking

  • leave it and wait to be fed

  • Stay

Silver Stars -

These classes are for dogs that have mastered Bronze Basics or basic training and want to take it a step further. These classes reinforce the basics and build on manners, car safety, stays, loose leash walking and recall with emergency stop etc. Your dog can work at their own ability level and this class is excellent to take their training to the next level. New classes starting every two months.

covering skills including:

  • revisit all aspects of Bronze at an advanced level

  • car manners

  • entrance manners

  • handling/ cooperative care

  • recall with emergency stop

  • stays

  • social interaction

  • Loose leash walking