About Us

Barker Behaviour and Training is Force Free, Positive dog training aiming to provide owners with the skills to shape their family pet into a happy, well adjusted, life long companion. Miriam Ahrens, Head trainer has been involved in Dog Training, Showing and Breeding for over 25 years. Successfully Graduating from the Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional program and as a member of the Karen Pryor and Absolute Dogs Training Academies, Miriam brings a variety of both positive reinforcement, clicker training, and games based teaching methods to Barker Behaviour and Training. Miriam is supported by Sue Arwen who is currently training her dogs in Obedience and Agility and is undertaking the Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer course. There are strong links to Mt Barker Veterinary Clinic and the program has the support of Dr Digby Ambrose through his Veterinary Behaviour clinic. Miriam is also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Incorporated and Pet Professional Guild Australia.

Our Team

Our friendly team is here to support you, to train your pet, to be a happy, well mannered valued member of your family.

miriam pets 1.jpg
Miriam Ahrens

Head Trainer

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Sue Arwen

Assistant Trainer

Vet Digby 2.jpg
Digby Ambrose

Consultant Vet