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Junior Classes

Barker Behaviour and Training offers two classes for Junior dogs, a Skills Consolidation class where your puppy or young dog gets to practice their skills learnt in Puppy Primary and proof it in the real world, so they become a joy to take out and about.

The Junior Dog Class if your Dog has mastered the skills in Puppy Primary and you are ready to teach then new skills, while building on what they have already learnt. It also helps you learn to become a better trainer by adding new skills to help your dogs learn new tasks.

To allow for plenty of individual attention, classes have a maximum 5 puppies in each class.

Walk 'N' Talk Cafe $120 - 4 weeks x 45 minutes  x 5 dogs and is designed for puppies /young dogs aged 6 months and over and their pet parents, who need to practice in the real world their loose leash walking, safe crossing of the road, polite greetings, focusing on their owner when around distractions, recalls and cafe manners. We incorporate an urban walk each week with a mix of skills practice and enjoy a drink at a local cafe while our dogs practice their cafe manners. This is a great time for owners to share their pups progress, problem solving, getting tips or sharing wins they have had with their young dogs training. New Classes starting every month.



Junior Dog $260 - 8 weeks x 45 min x 5 dogs and is designed for puppies/young dogs aged 6 months and over and their pet parents. These classes are for puppies that have completed and mastered Puppy Primary or Basic puppy training and want to take it a step further. These classes expect your young dog to know the basics and work on building manners, car safety, stays, loose leash walking and recall with emergency stop etc. Your puppy/young dog can work at their own ability level and as they learn fast while young, this class is excellent to take their training to the next level. New Classes starting every two months.

If your puppy or young dog reacts negatively to people or other puppies/dogs please contact us before booking to see if these classes are suitable for your puppy or young dog or whether private lessons would be more suitable.

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