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Fun Short Courses

Search and Sniff Rahni.jpg

Search N Sniff

Search 'N' Sniff is suitable for all dogs young, old, blind, deaf,or three-legged! This is great for dogs with hip issues, older dogs, shy dogs or reactive dogs, as each sniffing run is done individually. All dogs love sniffing, in fact it is their strongest sense. When dogs sniff it helps them relax and they learn to problem solve. Search N Sniff helps your dog gain confidence and independence and the soothing effects of sniffing + the brain processing required helps wears them out without lots of physical exercise. It is a powerful tool for soothing a hyperactive dog, increasing confidence in an adopted dog or a dog with mobility issues that can't exercise a lot.

Unchase dogs and sheep.jpg

Does your dog Chase cars, stock, cats or chickens? We are very excited to be hosting a Unchase course run by the Unchase creator and excellent trainer Alexis Davidson on Saturday 28th of October at 1pm. Hurry places are limited.

Your dog will learn to self-regulate by choosing alternative behaviours to chasing. Imagine, for example, your dog coming to you when he spies a car, or calmly ignoring a chicken. Or a skateboarder. Or the cat. (Yes, it really is possible!) Un-Chase! replaces frustration and worry with real-life confidence and peace of mind.

Gwen Agility.jpg

Agility Adventures

Does you dog love a challenge, obstacles and jumping? Spring into Spring with our Introduction Agility course for dogs and owners that love a challenge in our outdoor training park. Learn how to do Agility with Weaving Poles, Tunnel, Cavaletti, Broad Jump and Tyre Jump and Winged Jumps, Scramble and  Seasaw. Learn new dog handling skills in a fun, no pressure, environment and enjoy watching your dog grow in confidence.


Trick N Treat

Coming soon please message via the website to register your interest.

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